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"You like the Zelda" is the sixth episode of Goof Troop.

Intro Edit

"Welcome back to Game Grumps, we're playing this game" - Egoraptor.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps progress through the fourth level.

Quotes Edit

"Did you just send us on some Indian expedition, like what is this shit".- Jon

"Yarsh"!- Jon

"Garsh how did we get ourselves in this situation".- Jon

"This is a mess".- Arin

"Our vacations ruined max, how am i gonna show my son a good time. I just got him to a fucking prison".- Jon

"The mine carts of dismerelda".- Arin

"Its not funny because i managed to fuck it, goofy wought say fuck it".- Jon


  • Ross' cat Mojo was mentioned by Jon but incorrectly as Momo.

Outro Edit

Jon"Ok next time on Game Grumps FUCK IT".

(Arin laughs).

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