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Wolf Job is a meme first mentioned by Danny in the episode "Shrek Forever After" of Steam Train of an old image of a 3D wolf giving a man a hand job. It has since been mentioned multiple times on both Game Grumps and Steam Train featuring different versions of the image.


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  • In Steam Train's play through of Guns of Icarus Online, the team named their ship the USS Wolfjob.
  • A fan named Steven Lindquist sent to Barry as a Christmas present a picture of wolf job with sound effects, which he posted a video of on Vine and Twitter.
  • It was revealed during the 2014 Scare to Care charity stream that the Wolf Job image had been an inside joke between the Game Grumps and the Hot Pepper Gaming crew for a while before Danny mentioned it on Steam Train. It was first discovered by Vernon from HPG, who "accidentally" stumbled upon it via a Google Image search.
  • In the live-action segment that introduced Kevin at the beginning of the Domino Rally episode, the stress of editing Game Grumps is represented by Arin constantly talking nonsense while Danny repeatedly calls for a Wolf Job.
  • In the episode Reign of Kings, Ross and Arin claim to be from House Wolfjob and own a castle called Castle Wolfjob.


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