"Winter Olympics (episode)"
Winter Olympics
Series Game Grumps
Game Winter Olympics
Description Happy Halloween!
Release Date October 31, 2012
Length 16:24
Link Winter Olympics - Game Grumps
One-Off Guide
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Winter Olympics is the only episode of Winter Olympics. This episode was released as a Halloween special.

Intro Edit

"Hey, welcome to Game Grumps. Let me just say, your experience right now is our experience. This is the very first thing that shows up when you turn the game on." - Egoraptor

Trivia Edit

  • In this episode, Jon assumes that Brazil's official language is "Brazillian", and Arin corrects him, noting that Brazil's official language is Portuguese. This is the exact opposite of what happened in Geometry 101.
  • Jon claims to know some "Brazillian", but only speaks the phrase "Muito Bom" (Very Good).

Outro Edit

Jon ends the episode by screaming directly into the microphone. As bonus footage, Arin explains his caveman joke from the episode.

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