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"Why Does He HOP?!" is the eighteenth and final episode of Mega Man 7. It is the second part of the finale.

Intro Edit

"Welcome back to... Here we are..." -Egoraptor

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps once again attempt the final stage, defeating all the Robot Masters, and both of Wily's forms, completing the game.

Quotes Edit

"I- I heard they wanted to name him Slinkyman, but...uh...THEY COULDN'T GET THE RIGHTS!" -Egoraptor

(They beat Willy) "YYYYEEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!" -Jon and Arin

"Kick him, kick him!" -Arin

(Jon laughs)

"Okay, alright," -Arin

"'SORRY FOR ALL THE TROUBLE', what kind of fucking criminal's just like, "You're right!" -Jon

"Holy shit! Fucking do it! 'I'm gonna do what I should have done yeras ago'?!" -Arin

"Wait, is he about to assassinate him?!" -Jon

Outro Edit

"Take it." -Arin

"Take what?" -Jon

"Take it!" -Arin

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