"What Is What"
Episode 1
Jeopardy (Wii) 1 - What Is What
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Jeopardy!
Description Daily Double toil and trouble.
Release Date January 27, 2014
Length 12:00
Link Jeopardy: What Is What - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS
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"Double What"

"What Is What" is the first episode of Jeopardy! on Game Grumps VS.

Intro Edit

Arin: "Hah!"

Danny: "This... is... Khe-pardy!"

Arin: "Hey!"

Danny: "Oh, man, I'm excited to play this."

Arin: [with accent] "We play a game- it's called Khehkehk-pardy."


Arin: "Next time on I Kick Ass Grumps, we gon' play more Jeopardy."

Danny: "I'm blowing it for Suzy. Yeah!"

Arin: "Don't say it like that."

Danny: "Oh."

=External linksEdit

Subreddit Head What Is What at the Subreddit

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