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"Welcome to Athens!" is the first episode of Animal Crossing Wii.

Intro Edit

"Welcome to a new edition of Game Grumps. It's a show we do and it's kinda lame and we probably should make more stuff on our real channel..." - JonTron singing

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps name their character Yump»♦ and their city Athens. They arrive in Athens and wander around the city.

Quotes Edit

"Leave me alone".

"I know right, he's like on a bus and you're like trying to move in your new town and he's like 'HEY FRIEND!' and you're like I don't have any money up here."

(They both laugh)

"I don't have any fucking like, if you're looking for money I don't have it."

Outro Edit

Jon: "NEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS, we actually fucking do something.  That'll be a change."

Arin: "Hey."

Jon: "Huh."

Arin: "Huh."

(Jon starts to laugh)

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