"Wendy O. Koopa in castle number six has sung her last song''"
— Danny

"Valley of Bowser"
Episode 16
Super Mario World 16
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Mario World
Description I will fear no evil, for Yoshi art with me-and he's fallen off a cliff good.
Release Date November 26, 2013
Length 10:31
Link Super Mario World: Valley of Bowser - PART 16 - Game Grumps
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Valley of Bowser is an episode of Game Grumps, and the sixteenth episode of Super Mario World.


Arin: I'm shakin' in ma boots!

Danny: Welcome back to Betrayal Grumps.

Game ProgressionEdit

Danny beats Wendy's Castle.

Arin beats Sunken Ghost Ship.


Arin nearly gets killed by an upward thorn bar, and then Danny brings up how painful the death would be in Wendy's Castle.

Dan mentions how he has colorblindness in terms of reds and oranges, and elaborates briefly on it.

After defeating Wendy, the grumps talk about how cruel it is to kill her, almost as if she was a human with dreams and aspirations.

Arin says that the bullet bills are actually the birds from Super Mario Bros. 2,  and Danny jokes about their animation, or lack thereof.

Arin tries to get Yoshi on the rebound, which leads to Danny and Arin joking about rebound guys.

Danny talks about when he owned Jumpman Jr. , and how it would crash after completing a certain level.

Danny makes a "shakea" joke, which leads to the grumps talking about the origin of the phrase.


"I like how when you show up to Bowser, you're like 'I'm gonna get you, Bowser!', and he's like 'EIGHT CHILDREN!'" - Arin

"Oah! My treasures!" - Danny

"Yoshi and Mario were acting out of turn, so I...corrected them." - Danny

"I love you, he never loved you like I *blegh*. I'm sorry, I'm super barfy today" - Danny

"I wanted to go to the bone zone" - Danny


Danny: Oh, you know what, next time on Game Grumps: we're gonna fucking do this shit. And I'm gonna be large and in charge with this feather! Whoops. Feather! Whoops. Feather!

Arin: Fabulous!

Danny: Yes.

Arin: Fabulous!

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