"Uncharted Territory"
Episode 15
Zelda II The Adventure of Link Part 15 - Uncharted Territory
Series 'Game Grumps'
Game Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Description Dan for Aquaman 2016
Release Date February 21, 2015
Length 11:50
Link Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: Uncharted Territory - PART 15 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Not My Crotch!"
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"Uncharted Territory" is the fifteenth episode of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on Game Grumps.

Game Progress Edit

Danny uses the boots to cross the water and obtain the third Heart Container. He then starts Ocean Palace. During his exploration of the palace, he accidentally makes it to the boss room before finding the dungeon item or leveling up, prompting him to turn back.


  • Arin mentions about how an episode of Joe & Mac was not released because in it he and Jon were talking about abortion.

External linksEdit

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