"Young man, there's no need to feel sass,
I said young man, stick your hand in my ass.

"Turning Heads"
Episode 3
Bloodborne Part 3
Series 'Game Grumps'
Game Bloodborne
Description Everything is fine! we're all are you?
Release Date April 7th, 2015
Length 17:12
Link Bloodborne: Turning Heads - PART 3 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"The Purge"
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"Death Barf"

"Turning Heads" is the third episode of Bloodborne on Game Grumps.

Discussions Edit

Danny teaches Arin about the homosexual overtones of YMCA by Village People. He had previously told his father Avi about these, who didn't believe it either. Arin and Danny then joke about how the lyrics of YMCA relate to Itta Pupu and the video that inspired her name.

External links Edit

Subreddit Head Turning Heads at the Subreddit

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