"Turn Into a Ball"
Episode 1
Super Metroid 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Metroid
Description Don't mind me. Just doing some research.
Release Date December 9th, 2013
Length 10:43
Link Super Metroid: Turn Into a Ball - PART 1 - Game Grumps
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"Turn Into a Ball" is an episode of Game Grumps and the first episode of Super Metroid.

Discussion Edit

  • Arin and Danny question if Samus was really a guy and just was in a terrible battle that blew his face off and his face was replaced with a woman's because there were not guy faces available at the time.
  • Danny talks about how he can freely talk about the Starbomb album coming out since it was released at the time that the episode aired.
  • Arin and Danny joke that the scientists handling the last Metroid were so incompetent (for example "using the Metroid as a hat") that Samus only had to leave for a few minutes before realizing that the last Metroid had escaped.
  • Danny mentions that the first thing that you fight in the game is a boss and jokes that the last thing you would fight would be just a regular enemy.
  • Danny says that since most side-scrollers of the time of the original Metroid game were from left to right, the first Metroid game felt revolutionary.
  • Arin talks about giving out their Snapchat and telling people to send pictures of boobies and receiving pictures of both blue-footed boobies (birds) or shirtless men with captions saying various things such as "You like what you see?". He also mentions that he got slightly tired of pictures of the same thing after a while.

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