"Tunnel of Love"
Episode 14
Space Quest IV 14
Series Steam Train
Game Space Quest IV
Description Fan fic, or fan fact?
Release Date August 6, 2013
Length 10:13
Link Space Quest IV: Tunnel of Love - PART 14 - Steam Train
Steam Train Guide
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"Back in Time"
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"Electronic Hums"

"Tunnel of Love" is an episode of Steam Train and the fourteenth episode of Space Quest IV.

Intro Edit

Danny: "Hello, and welcome back to Steam Train."

Ross: "Welcome back."

Danny: "Look at me waving at you, with that hand icon."

Ross: "Yeah."

Danny: "That's the kind of personalized experience we offer at Steam Train."

Outro Edit

Danny: "You know what? We're gonna continue this next time on Steam Train. Did you like the progress we made in this episode, everybody? We fuckin' turned lasers one quarter turn to the left, and Ross pissed me off."

Ross: [laughs] "Yeah!"

Danny: "Son of a bitch."

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is where the fanfiction of Danny and Brian, The Beej, was first mentioned. Half of it was read by Ross before Danny started to become angry.

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