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"Try Going Left" is the seventeenth episode of Pokemon Emerald.

Intro Edit

"Ho everybody, listen up. I wanna tell you a tale about- What you playing?" - Egoraptor rapping.

Game progress Edit

The Game Grumps enter Granite Cave.

Quotes Edit

"That was harder then goof troop".- Jon

(Arin laughs).

"I miss goof troop".- Jon

"Me too".- Arin

"why does this one last 8,000 centuries".- Jon

"I know and goof troop docent".- Arin

"Goof troop was like 10 episodes wasn't it".- Jon

"Jon I'm gonna sing you a song".- Arin

"Ok".- Jon

"Jon hold on I'm gonna sing you a song".- - Arin

"I'm holding".- Jon

"Jon are you ready for this".- Arin


"You sang that earlier".- Arin

"I did".- Jon

"Here we go".- Arin

(Plays his guitar).

"Whys it all wet"?- Jon

Trivia Edit

.Suzy is mentioned.

Outro Edit

Jon"Oh my god".

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