— Danny

"Trentceratops Reznor"
Episode 15
Super Mario World 15
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Mario World
Release Date November 25, 2013
Length 10:21
Link Super Mario World: Trentceratops Reznor - PART 15 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Can't Eat All That"
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"Valley of Bowser"
"Trentceratops Reznor" is an episode of Game Grumps, and the fifteenth episode of Super Mario World.


Arin: hey-

Danny: Welcome backtoabadaba

Arin: hey-

Danny: ho-

Arin: hey-

Danny: what-

Game ProgressionEdit

Danny beats Chocolate Island 3 second exit, and Chocolate Island 4.

Arin beats Chocolate Fortress, and Chocolate Island 5.


Arin jokes about "underwear muffins" in his eastern-European accent. Danny goes along with the joke as Arin develops his newfound character, "Svertick".

Arin makes the sound of a soda can opening, which leads to a discussion about the sounds of cans opening.

During the battle against Reznor, Arin quotes Nine Inch Nails' song, Closer. Arin and Danny then talk about how poorly censored the song was for radio.

Arin mentions Luigi's purple overalls, which segues into a conversation about complementing colors (Green+Purple, Orange+Green, ect.).

Danny shoots a disapproving "Listen" at Arin, and they talk about whenever that tone of voice is used.

Danny tells a story about when he went to a smoke shop, and called the bongs by their given name, which made the store clerk mad.


"Listen" - Danny

"Does he wanna ... me like an animal!?" - Arin

"I cook muffins, in my underwear! I call them Underwear Muffins!" - Arin

"It was just a coming attracting of things to come...attract you.." - Arin

"Buh! BUH!" - Danny


Danny: Next time on Game Grumps: more death.

Arin: Yeah, prob- definitely. Ah, no!

Danny: Off to a good start.

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