"Look, you just totally replenished your HA."
Danny, referring to Arin receiving the Hard Knuckle weapon

"Top of the World"
Episode 2
Series Game Grumps
Game Mega Man 3
Release Date May 31st, 2014
Length 10:33
Link Mega Man 3: Top of the World - PART 2 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Hard, Man"
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"Enjoy a Tasty Beverage"

Game ProgressEdit

Arin continues to redo Hard Man's stage. He loses a life to Hard Man, but then beats him on his second attempt.

He moves on to Top Man's Stage. He finds it hard to avoid taking damage initially, but does well later on. He does not lose a single life in the stage, even when fighting Top Man.

Up next is Shadow Man. Again, hopping enemies give Arin trouble at first, making him take several hits. However, he gets through the level just fine, but loses a life after a lava platform section with parachuting blobs. When he attempts this section again, he's pushed into the lava and gets a Game Over. Arin whispers "Fuck Shadow Man" on the Game Over Screen.


  • Danny makes a joke scenario where he gets excited about Arin returning when he never leaves his sight in between episodes.
  • Arin brings up Beyblades, which Danny has never heard of, but Arin has fond memories of. Danny's intrigued by the idea of battling with tops.
  • Danny notices that he and Arin make many racist jokes about Asians while playing Mega Man, and they try to remember if there are any games they've played that aren't made by Asians.
  • Upon starting Top Man's stage They comment on how crowded the stageis and how the system itself is having trouble processing it

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