Toad's a Dick
Toad's a Dick


Game Grumps Animated


Brandon Turner

Origin (Game)


Origin (Episode)

Why Are the Walls Moving?


Release date

February 19th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Toad's a Dick- by Brandon Turner

Toad's a Dick is an episode of Game Grumps Animated by Brandon Turner. It uses audio from the Sparkster episode Why Are the Walls Moving?.

Synopsis Edit

Danny mentions that Sparkster hasn't seen his girlfriend since the beginning of the game. Arin notes it's because of a kidnapping, much like with Princess Peach in Mario. They proceed to make fun of Toad. Danny states that he still loves Toad, but Arin says he hates Toad because he can't be trusted with loaning money.

Characters Edit

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