"Like, what if she's just a super deep sleeper? And I'm like goin' on this crazy shit because she just, like, popped some Nyquil, and she's fuckin'..."
Danny, about Mono

"Thunder Tusks"
Episode 19
Series Game Grumps
Game Shadow of the Colossus
Description If he can't see me how can he BAHRGLBuowu;b
Release Date March 14, 2014
Length 10:27
Link Shadow of the Colossus: Thunder Tusks - PART 19 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Super Bull"
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"Higher Ground"

"Thunder Tusks" is an episode of Game Grumps and the nineteenth episode of Shadow of the Colossus.

Intro Edit

Arin: It's the gamiest Grumps that you'll ever see and I have to gooooo pee.

Danny: Let me tell you something about your rhyming skills.

Arin: Yeah?

Danny: You're great-- is that a special one?!

Arin: No. Wait! No... He's just a normal type.

Game progress Edit

Danny kills and eats a special salamander to increase his stamina and then they begin fighting the twelfth colossus.

Quotes Edit

Damn, I hate it when you get saucy with me.
— Danny, to Arin

Outro Edit

Danny: Alright, you know what? I'm gonna think about this. I'm gonna work on this a little bit off screen and do it next time on Game Grumps.

Arin: Oh, shit!

Danny: Yeah!

Arin: You gonna beat him?

Danny: I don't know.

Arin: You gonna treat him to a nice soufflé?

Dannt: Just fucking end the episode, please.

Arin: ...That didn't rise correctly, so it's kinda gross and you're like, "Here's your soufflé," and then he's like, "Come on, man." But he's blind, so he doesn't know.

Danny: Dude, you know how sensitive I-- He can still taste!

Arin: [Laughs]

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