"Thrill and Thrall"
Episode 3
Series Game Grumps
Game Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
Description Mountains in space!
Release Date October 17, 2012
Length 11:46
Link Adventures in the Magic Kingdom: Thrill and Thrall - PART 3 - Game Grumps
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"Thrill and Thrall" is the third episode of Adventures in the Magic Kingdom.


[Jon throws the controller, the game screen glitches out and shows a test pattern with Jon and Arin's faces]
Jon: Okay! We're done with this piece of sh- pile of shit! Fuckin' stupid 8-bit Disneyland! Would've rather sucked Cillerenda's p- c-clitoris...
Arin: Whoa! Whoa! Cillerenda?!
Jon: [holding back laughter] Did I just- did I just say Cillerenda?
Arin: From now on... from now on 'till doomsday... I'm gonna walk into Disneyland, I'm gonna be like "Excuse me..."
Jon: I'm crying...
Arin: "Excuse me... ma'am?" And she'll be like "Yeah? How can I help you?" And I'll say "Could you please direct me to the closest Cillerenda Castle that you have?"
Jon: [Howling with laughter] Good night... good night, that's all, that's it, [incoherent rambling]


  • According to Barry, Jon did not turn off the console after rage quiting. He actually just threw the controller on the ground and he and Arin talked over the blue screen with Mickey. Barry editing in the turning off of the console for comedic effects. It's possible to listen to a few seconds of game audio that were picked up by the microphone on the first moments of the blank screen.

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