"The Test of Time"
Episode 99
Sonic '06 99
Series Game Grumps
Game Sonic '06
Description Here I am again on my own. Well, this time with anthropomorphic cat in tow.
Release Date May 12, 2013
Length 10:59
Link Sonic '06: The Test of Time - PART 99 - Game Grumps
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"So Bad"

"The Test of Time" is the ninety-ninth episode of Sonic '06.

 Intro Edit

Arin: [singing] Legendary stories about Silver the Hedgehog.
Jon: Is this a Counting Crows?

Game progress Edit

Jon and Arin finish the 'Protect Anna' mission. Then, they have to repeat the three trials, just as they did in Jiggling.

Discussion Edit

  • Jon and Arin begin the episode by doing impressions of the rock band Counting Crows.
  • Arin says he's scared of meeting a fan while he's in a bad mood, because then the public impression of Arin might be that he's an asshole. Jon references Simply Can't, where Arin called Bill Nye a dick.
  • Arin asks whether there are people who are cryogenically frozen.

Quotes Edit

You wanna try out the training? No. Yeah, it's too hard for civilians like you.
— Arin, quoting the guard
I'm not a god damn civilian, I'm a fucking hedghehog! Look at this shit. You think civilians can do that?!
— Arin

Outro Edit

Arin: Richard Simmons is a swell guy! He's a fuckin' swell guy!
Jon: End of message!
Arin: He's a swell guy.

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