"The Simple Plot of Final Fantasy 7" is the twelfth and penultimate track on Starbomb's first album. It features Danny as the voice of the "Talking Video Games" host, Donkey Kong, Glass Joe (from Punch-Out!!), Frogger, and Dig Dug. Arin plays Pacman, Cloud Strife, Q*bert, and an Asteroid Ship.

Lyric ContentEdit

A video game talk show by the name of "Talking Video Games" hosts a segment by the name of "Games With Simple Plots." After Pacman and Donkey Kong briefly explain the plots of their games, Cloud begins to detail the plot of Final Fantasy 7. After explaining some setup, the host attempts to deter the conversation to someone else, but Cloud ignores him and continues to explain the plot of his game (which he doesn't seem to understand at times even). The host is able to let Q*bert and an Asteroid Ship explain their plots, before Cloud nonchalantly steals the spotlight again. Glass Joe intervenes, expressing his confusion, but is yelled at by Cloud. The host once again tries to give the spotlight to someone else and has Frogger speak. Cloud loses his temper and cusses out Frogger as well as Ryu (from Ninja Gaiden) for interrupting him. As Cloud gets to the end of his story, Dig Dug sarcastically comments on the plot's length before blowing Cloud up with his pump.


  • This song contains the most unique characters out of all Starbomb songs, at 10 (9 of which have speaking parts).
  • To date, Game Grumps has not played a Final Fantasy game.
  • The song's style is reminiscent of soul and blues styles of music, which is a stark contrast from the more rock, electronic, and hip-hop styles of the rest of the album.
  • It is the longest track on the album Starbomb at 2 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • It is the only song on the album to be centered around a specific game in its franchise, rather than elements of the franchise in general.
    • However, it should be noted that Final Fantasy 7 did start a series of its own around its characters and lore.
  • Glass Joe would later get his own Starbomb song on Player Select in the form of Glass Joe's Title Fight.
  • The song would receive a sequel with a similar premise on Player Select in the form of The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid.

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