"The Journey Begins"
Episode 1
Demon's Souls 1
Series Game Grumps
Game Demon's Souls
Description When the lights go down in the dungeon.
Release Date November 10, 2012
Length 10:36
Link Demon's Souls: The Journey Begins - PART 1 - Game Grumps
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"Cyndi Lauper Impressions"

"The Journey Begins" is the first episode of Demon's Souls.

Full ScriptEdit

Jon: Okaaay.

Arin: Hey, guys-

Jon: SEGA! There you go.

Arin: That's the game we're playing.

Jon: Okay.

Arin: It's Sega.

Jon: We're playing Demon's Souls and I suppose that is uhh synonymous with masochism.

Arin: Ahh that's what we've heard. Oh, we have to-

Jon: Psuedo.

Arin: I hope this doesn't give away the fact that I don't read these.

Jon: Ugh... Ha! Arin! You must read that- those terms created on August, 2009!

Arin: Online mode?

Jon: Yeah, the whole game is, like, online. Oh, look at that guy!

Arin: Fuck that, I'm gonna be a girl.

Jon: Dude, that- what do you mean?

Arin: I'm gonna be a dang-ass girl.

Jon: Why do you wanna be a girl? It's weaker than a guy.

Arin: Because you can stare at her booty! Oh, Jesus.

Jon: *laughs* Do you- do you still wanna be a girl?

Arin: Alright, maybe I'll push on back to that.

Jon: *laughs* She's just like: NNNN! She's like that girl you see at the- I don't wanna be mean.

Arin: *laughing* Oh, that girl!

Jon: I don't even wanna continue that statement.

Arin: What is this?

Jon: Oh, the easy character select. Also known as a 1990s cell phone touch pad. Call 1-800-BRICKS!

Arin: *Nonsensical jibberish*

Jon: *laughing* That's not a number!

Arin: Tukcgi!

Jon: There you go! Tukcgi!

Arin: There we go! Alright. Oh, I gotta edit his appearence.

Jon: Okay.

Arin: He's from the East. No...

Jon: Make him look as bad you possibly- What is this mean?

Arin: The South?

Jon: WOW!

Arin: I'ma get Momma's corn bread! What the fuck?

Jon: *laughing* Did you just say "corn bread?"

Arin: *laughing* That's what- He's from the South!

Jon: This game- this game appears to be a bit region locked, if you know what I'm SAYING! High five!

*High five clap*

Arin: Ahh, this guy, right here-

Jon: What?

Arin: This is our guy.

Jon: *laughing* Just print it! Print him! Seriously, look at this.

Arin: *laughing* Alright. Select.

Jon: Okay.

Arin: Um, I guess I'm back- there we go. *both laughing* He's just- he's just kinda like: You know what? I've been through a lot, and-

Jon: *laughing* No, this guy's just straight up like: Man, I mean, I really want my life to go well. I'm trying- *stutters* I'm interviewing for a job at this, uh, big... corporation on Sunday.

Arin: I think I'm gonna do good. I'm feeling very confident.

(To be continued.)

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