"Kirby: The Great Cave Offensive, a.k.a... Jon says nonsense for SEVEN FUCKING YEARS."
— Arin, aptly describing this episode.

"The Great Cave Offensive"
Episode 9
Kirby Super Star 9
Series Game Grumps
Game Kirby Super Star
Description Finally, a game Jon is good at.

.......just kidding.
Release Date September 27, 2012
Length 10:22
Link Kirby Super Star: The Great Cave Offensive - PART 9 - Game Grumps
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"The Great Cave Offensive" is an episode of Game Grumps and the ninth episode of Kirby Super Star.

Intro Edit

Jon: Wel-come back... Ok-
Arin: Welcome back to v-oh... ok-
Jon (repeating): To v... Uh, dude.
Arin: Alright. Windows, yeah, ok.
Jon: (laughs) We're doing some more Kirby.

Game progress Edit

Jon and Arin come back to Kirby and start The Great Cave Offensive, the goal of which is to collect hidden treasures.

Discussion Edit

Jon mentions they're playing Kirby again, because he thinks there is a lot of demand for it from the fans. He is certain there will be comments from satisfied viewers.

After messing around attempting to get the first treasure chest (with Arin clearly being more serious about this than Jon), the Grumps briefly mention the Kirby 20th Anniversary game for the Wii before getting distracted.

As they find the crystal ball treasure item and notice it's worth an absurd amount of money, Jon brings up how he thinks most people donate valuable items to museums anyway, meaning they don't get payment. He then goes on to say he wouldn't do that unless he was already a millionaire.

Jon notes playing Kirby is basically just him being a jackass, after being completely unhelpful and roleplaying an incredibly dumb Kirby. He goes on to prove this further by messing up their progress multiple times troughout the episode, eventually getting Arin frustrated.

Arin shows off Waddle Doo's run animation several times, which he says looks panicked.

After Jon continues to be a jackass, Arin points out how Jon has been saying nonsense the entire time. Jon starts a strange tangent about how he majored in "pomes" (poems) and helps Jay-Z to write his rhymes. He then notices Arin is basically just waiting for him to stop.

Finally, after mentioning Waddle Doo's eye again, Arin wonders if he has a protective film over it that lets him swim underwater. This leads to Jon talking about Jacques' second set of eyelids.

Quotes Edit

Arin: I'm just- I'm just... You know what, this is like a floodgate. I'm just- I just open it up and I'm like all right, I'll see you in an hour.
Jon: What?
Arin: Your fucking mouth.
(both laugh)

Outro Edit

(referring to a save point they just found)
Jon: Next time on Game Grumps, what's it- what's that? I really don't know what that is actually, but we're gonna find out next time.
Arin: What is it?
Jon (in some sort of accent): Don forget to tune in.
Arin: And tune out!

Trivia Edit

  • Near the beginning, Jon refers to this episode as "OG Game Grumps", something he says in Sonic '06 episode 18 as well, about that episode.

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