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"The Graveyard (episode)"
Series Steam Train
Game The Graveyard
Description Trois-cent-soixante aucune portée.

Thanks to Kigurim for sending us this game!

Release Date June 3rd, 2014
Length 11:00
Link The Graveyard - Steam Train
Steam Train One-Off Guide
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The Graveyard is the first and only episode of The Graveyard on Steam Train.

Game ProgressEdit

Arin and Ross force Danny to play, who tries to figure out the purpose of the game, as it seems to be nothing except for an old woman walking through a graveyard. Through some effort, Danny manages to get the old woman seated on a bench.

At the six-minute mark in the episode, the old woman suddenly dies, catching everyone off guard. Arin and Ross then spend the entire rest of the episode berating Danny for causing her death.

Editing jokes Edit

  • The intro is stylistically colored grey (though it otherwise remains unchanged) to reflect the style of the game. The borders on the video are similarly desaturated.
  • When Danny manages to get the old lady to sit down on the chair, Barry inserts an MLG-style dubstep montage, by the commentators' request.
  • The endslate features numerous additional annotations linking to videos requested by the commentators: Their Guns of Icarus episode, an MLG montage using footage from their VVVVVV playthrough, and a cat fail montage.


  • The French in this episode's description translates to "360 no scope".

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