"The Bigger They Are"
Episode 26
Series Game Grumps
Game Shadow of the Colossus
Description The harder they et cetera.
Release Date March 22, 2014
Length 15:19
Link Shadow of the Colossus: The Bigger They Are - PART 26 - Game Grumps
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"The Bigger They Are" is an episode of Game Grumps and the twenty-sixth episode of Shadow of the Colossus.

Intro Edit

Danny: And we're back!

Arin: Look at this...Look at this mothafucka'.

Danny: Welcome back to annoying, enormous, fucking creature Grumps.

Game Progression Edit

After a lengthy struggle and Danny's anger, he finally defeats the fifteenth Colossus. He prepares to fight the final Colossus by, again, launching himself off of a cliff to his death.

Outro Edit


Arin: Oh snap! We're gonna give you a real good surprise. A real big surprise you know what I'm sayin? I'm gonna look with these eyes cause they...I don't have any lies. Gotta realize that these things they dies. I surmise upon the uh...pies. When I eat my guys...out.

Danny: Whoa...

Arin: I put them in between my thighs.

Danny: Dismount...(Launches himself into abyss)

Arin: And then I tries...and there he goes and dies.

Both: Laughing

Danny: Yusssssss

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