Aimless Antics

Tenouttaten, or 10/10, is a Game Grumps meme, first stated in Aimless Antics, and repeated many times since. A tenouttaten is used by the Game Grumps, as well as their fans, as a perfect rating.

Tenouttaten is the second Game Grumps meme to receive an official limited-time offer shirt, after seven asses (as seen below).


Jon: I think we have eight out of ten.

Arin: That's a pretty good score. I'd buy a game based on that.

Jon: You gotta go tenouttaten. Alright look there's at least one...

Arin: You gotta go tenouttaten. You goin' into the store, and you get tenouttaten.

Jon: (laughing) What you sayin'?

Arin: You gunna buy some meat at the shop, they say "Dis grade A meat." I take it out. I touch it; I stretch it. Tenouttaten! Bring it home. Cook it up with a little spice-

Jon: (laughing) HE SAID COOKITUP 

Arin: ...A little thyme, a little salt and pepper. I eat it, put it in my mouth and chew... Tenouttaten.

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