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Origin (Game)

Play with the Teletubbies

Origin (Episode)

Play with the Teletubbies


Release date

May 7th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - TeleTORTURE - by VTanimation

"TeleTORTURE" is an episode of Game Grumps Animated by VTanimation. It uses audio from the one-off episode "Play with the Teletubbies".

The Animation Edit

Arin and Danny are dressed as Teletubbies and in the Teletubbies world. Danny finds the Teletubbies announcer horrifying, especially with its fart sound effect, and imitates it saying "You are in Hell." Arin mutters to himself about his paranoia of the world around him, and grabs a chair along with some rope to hang himself with. He hangs the rope from a noose nearby, but Danny tries to call "Next time on Game Grumps" due to it being weird. Danny thinks Arin is joking about killing himself as he enjoys the "cloud song." He then finds Arin has died, and sheepishly announces "Next time on Game Grumps."

In the stinger, Danny slowly eats something, assumedly popcorn, as he watches Arin's dead body like a TV. After a bit, what Dan was watching turns to static, so he throws a stick at Arin's TV corpse out of frustration to fix it.

Trivia Edit

  • A Grim Reaper character can be heard listening to Luigi's Ballad at one point.
  • The ending holds a disclaimer that no one associated with the video advocates suicide...or playing this game.

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