"Taking It Hard"
Episode 60
Ocarina of Time 60
Series 'Game Grumps'
Game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Description Let's get weird....
Release Date May 18th, 2016
Length 13:35
Link Zelda Ocarina of Time: Taking It Hard - PART 60 - Game Grumps
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Taking It Hard is the sixtieth episode of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Game Grumps.

Game Progress Edit

Arin continues the Shadow Temple.

Discussions Edit

Arin thinks about the Game Grumps intro, and how he's considering changing his credit from Egoraptor to Arin. In his mind, Game Grumps is more iconic and recognizable than Egoraptor at this point. Danny says he likes being called Danny.

Arin points out the irony that Muhammad is the most common name in the world, but it's forbidden to show a picture of the Muslim profit of that name.

Danny talks about Vernon, and how he can't take compliments well.

The two talk about the way the game saves. Namely how it asks to save after you die, and how saving has you spawn at a predetermined spot when you turn the game on again.

The two talk about the ways Disney's products sometimes seem racist or behind the times, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean ride including a woman being sold as property.

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