For the Trauma Center: Second Opinion episode of the same name, see Sweating Bullets.
"Sweating Bullets"
Episode 7
More Bomb Corp
Series Grumpcade
Game The Jackbox Party Pack 2
Description Going twice!
Release Date May 18th, 2016
Length 13:48
Link Jackbox Party Pack 2 Bomb Corp: Sweating Bullets - PART 7 - Grumpcade
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Sweating Bullets is the seventh episode of The Jackbox Party Pack 2 on Grumpcade. It is also a continuation of Bomb Corp. from the previous episode.

Gameplay Edit

Barry, Ross, and Suzy continues Bomb Corp. on Day 3. This throws them for a loop, as one of the bombs has its instructions written by children. Even after they pass this, they fail at the filing cabinet twice.

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