"Suzy Spoils the Party!"
Episode 1
Mario Party 4 SR 1
Series Steam Rolled
Game Mario Party 4
Description Red Boos are very whimsical. Trust me on this.
Release Date August 26, 2013
Length 10:52
Link Mario Party 4: Suzy Joins the Party! - PART 1 - Steam Rolled
Steam Rolled Guide
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"The Last 3 Turns"
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"When You're Big"

"Suzy Joins the Party!" is an episode of Steam Rolled and the first episode of Mario Party 4.


  • This is the first episode on the Game Grumps channel to feature Suzy in a starring role. 
  • It is also the first episode on the Game Grumps channel to not feature Danny since his inclusion (although he does have a short cameo in the intro).
  • It has the most views of any Steam Rolled episode, currently at 1,000,000+ views.

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