"Supreme Vitamins"
Episode 1
You Don't Know Jack 1
Series Game Grumps VS
Game You Don't Know Jack
Description Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.
Release Date February 3, 2013
Length 18:13
Link You Don't Know Jack: Supreme Vitamins - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS
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"Nail Clippings"

"Supreme Vitamins" is the first episode of You Don't Know Jack.

Intro Edit

Jon: Welcooooommee but dooon't overstay your welcome or I'll kick you out

Arin: I'll jump through the monitor. I'll point a finger at you and I'll say, "You betterrrrrr get outta here before mom gets mad."

Match Edit

The two play Episode 1: Supreme Court Children's Vitamins, with Arin playing as Player 1, naming himself 'CPT ANONYMOUS', and Jon was Player 2, under the name 'UMJAMLAM'. Jon starts off pretty poorly, getting the first four questions wrong, partially because he doesn't "Think like the game". He takes the lead after Question 6, and then "screws" Arin in Question 7, further increasing his lead. Arin was able to decrease Jon's lead by getting the "wrong answer of the game" in Question 8. During Question 9, Arin retook the lead, but Jon promptly took back the lead in the final question. Arin then completely destroyes Jon in the Jack Attack, bringing his total to $24,692, while Jon had $6,477.


  • The early part of the episode is Arin teaching Jon how the game works
  • Jon on multiple occasions says how much he loves the games feeling, citing how he can say "I Don't Care" if he doesn't want a nickname, and how the questions numbers are spelled 1ne, 2wo, 3hree, etc.
  • Jon critizies Arin for thinking that Cuba was a US territory, even though he himself got the question wrong, saying that the Bahamas were a US territory.
  • Jon proclaims his hatred for the "Jack Attack" round, believing it completely "invalidate the first 10 questions of the game". This would later prove true in future episodes.

Outro Edit

Jon: Next time on Game...Arin, oh Arin wins one.

Arin: YES!!

Jon: Barry put that .... put that in, Arin wins one. Arin wins one. But he doesn't win much because he's a piece of shit and I fucking hate him and next time on Game Grumps, bros and pals and bros and pals.

Arin: (Inhales) HEAHE!

Trivia Edit

  • The episode was originally uploaded labeled as a regular Game Grumps episode.
  • Jon's last words in the episode are a reference to the outro of the fifth episode of the Mario Party 4 playthrough, in which Jon likewise exclaimed, " time on Game Grumps, bros and pals and bros and pals." albeit much louder and less coherently.

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