"Super Secret Ending"
Episode 2
Night Trap 2
Series Game Grumps
Game Night Trap
Description What an amazing super-secret ending no one's seen before!! :O
Release Date February 2nd, 2014
Length 28:00
Link Night Trap: Super Secret Ending - PART 2 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Watch Out Behind You"
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"Super Secret Ending" is the second and final episode of Night Trap on Game Grumps.

Game ProgressEdit

The grumps use a walkthrough to get through the game. While they don't play the game perfectly, they do manage to catch a majority of the guys. Apparently, one of the characters gets killed and they get a game over, resulting to the guy in disconnecting them from the Squad Network. In response to this, Danny, Arin, and Suzy act out what they think should be the ending of the game, and parody the game's underwhelming acting and use of FMV in the process.

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