"Yo, Chinaman!"
— Danny

"Super Nerds"
Episode 16
Series Game Grumps
Game Pokémon FireRed
Description I'm researching your doom!! Mweeeheeeheeeee!
Release Date Feb 20, 2014
Length 10:29
Link Pokemon FireRed: Super Nerds - PART 16 - Game Grumps
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"What a Dream"

"S​uper Nerds" sixteenth episode of Pokémon FireRed.


Danny: "Ugh. Asians, am I right?"

Arin: [Starts laughing]

Danny: "I'm sorry. Woah. No, all I was gonna say- okay. so, uh..."

Game ProgressEdit

Still eploring Mt. Moon, the two fight a Super Nerd and another Team Rocket Grunt. Arin is keeping his Pokemon alive (except for TurntSNACO, who's been K.O. the entire episode) by using some potions and other medicine items.


Arin: "Okay, next time on Game Grumps, this Zubat's going down!"

Danny: "Oh, my god. I've never felt anything like this."

Arin: "No, it is a completely new and brave emotion."

Danny: "Woah, Thunder Wave. That's the name of an indie band."

Arin: "Really?"

Danny: "......No."

External LinksEdit

Subreddit Head Super Nerds at the Subreddit

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