"Super Mario Land (episode)"
Super Mario Land
Series Game Grumps
Game Super Mario Land
Description Super Mario Land is a spooky game about UFOs.
Release Date October 29, 2012
Length 18:24
Link Super Mario Land - Game Grumps
One-Off Guide
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Super Mario Land is the only episode of Super Mario Land.


"Welcome to Ge Grumps." - Jon


"Did I just.....what? You can do that? No, Seriously? How did that happen! There's some way! On the fucking controller!" - Jon's shock after resetting the game


"Next Time on Game Grumps, I'm gonna speed run it!" - Arin

"[unintelligible] give me a blow job" - Jontron


Jon speedruns through the game up until the Bonus Game after World 3-3, and then he accidentally pressed the reset button.

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