Steam Train T-SHIRT!
Steam Train Shirts


It's a shirt! I swear by my beautiful face!

Release date

March 10th, 2015





"Steam Train T-SHIRT! ON SALE! CHOO CHOO! YAY!!" is an announcement video advertising the new Steam Train shirts on

In the video, Arin, Danny, Barry, and Ross have a meeting to decide how they're going to advertise their new shirt. Arin suggests advertising how much they've sold, even though they haven't sold yet. Danny suggests using hashtags to reach their demographic without their "competition" blocking them. Arin suggests aiming for the "hardcore demographic," which is quite literally the hard core demographic, as in apples and the center of the Earth. Eventually, they start suggesting nonsense. All of them start to realize that they need to use the internet to sell shirts, but none of them understand what it is. Arin calls his mom to figure out what the internet is, which turns out to be Facebook. Danny calls his dad about Facebook, but he doesn't know what that is. Fortunately, though, he does buy a shirt, prompting the grumps to stop the meeting. It concludes by Barry finding Sonic and the Black Knight.

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