"Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (episode)"
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Series Game Grumps
Game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Description Something about womp rats.
Release Date December 25, 2012
Length 10:25
Link Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - Game Grumps
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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is the only episode of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.

Discussions Edit

Arin and Jon both commend the design decision of featuring the Millenium Falcon in the ship selection screen, even though it's not selectable and is just there as a tease.

They also talk about how the Star Wars franchise was recently acquired by Disney, and how they expect them to do better with the franchise than Lucas has in recent years. Arin also brings up how watching Iron Man 2 recently, and how he enjoyed it more than he did the last time he watched it (even though he still hated it).


There have been complaints on the Grumps' perceived lack of effort and/or interest in the game, their ignoring of the in-game instructions and Arin's negative opinion on Iron Man 2.

Outro Edit

Jon: Uh, Arin.
Arin: Yeah?
Jon: You know how you know you got a good Grump game on your hands?
Arin: When, uh, I don't know?
Jon: When you never say a goddamn thing about what's happening on the screen. Next time on Game Grumps! Different game! Different game! This one's lame! Sorta same... It's better than Shadows of the Empire tho--
Arin: I DID IT!
Jon: Oh wow, you actually did.
[cut to black, then back to gameplay as Arin crashes his X-wing into the sand]
Arin: Nyeeeowww, full speed ahead! PSCHW! [laughs]
Jon: [laughing] Can you please put that in, Barry? That's amazing.

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