Spinnaker is the name of an unspecified fictional race invented by Arin in "Kirby's Epic Yarn: Fluffy Snow".

Origin of the TermEdit

The word spinnaker came about as a reaction to the real word "Spinnaker," which is a type of sail. The conversation begins at 8:03 of "Kirby's Epic Yarn: Part 20." Arin mentions "Alf in the Color Caves" referring to Prince Fluff wiggling through a tube, which is the primary mechanic of "Alf." Dan said the name of the company, "Spinnaker Software." Arin commented that the name sounded like a racial slur. The Grumps then proceed to attribute both typical and bizarre stereotypes to their newly invented race.

Appearance and CultureEdit

Spinnakers are described as having yellow hands and teeth, brown noses (literally, not figuratively) and wearing little pointy hats. They leave trails of slime behind them like snails do. They are especially talented at making waffles, and have an unlimited supply of grapes.They are also the only race who have the ability to fly. Purportedly, wishing upon a spinnaker will likely see that wish granted, although it is unknown how this is achieved. Spinnakers dance very well, but only to Jungle-Reggae-Drum & Bass-Mexican-Rhythm-and-Blues-Guitar. Spinnakers have their legs removed at age six and have a love of oddly tasting yogurts and chocolate-covered nachos. Spinnakers own more Chevrolet Impalas than any other minority group, and often leave these vehicles idling. They love onions for some reason. Apparently, spinnakers are seen disproportionately as being blue-collar criminals. They have their own societies, and are very dirty.

Spinnakers seem to share some of the cultural stigmas which African-Americans endure. They are often treated unequally, evidenced by Arin saying, "One spinnaker decided to get a desk job; OH MY GOD! Everybody in the office was so offended!" However, some people do like them and think they are very nice. Comparing spinnakers to any other race is unfair, however, because every race is racist towards spinnakers. It is possible for humans and spinnakers to be in love, but it is the biggest taboo on this plane of existence.

In Super Metroid episode "Now There's Gravity", Danny refers to Gorthons as "the Spinnakers of space".

According to Ross, the Stormcloaks wish to remove all Spinnakers from Skyrim.