"Spice World (episode)"
Spice World
Series Game Grumps
Game Spice World
Description Spice is nice.
Release Date December 10, 2012
Length 14:47
Link Spice World - Game Grumps
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Spice World is the first and only episode of Spice World.

Gameplay Edit

Arin and Jon begin the episode by going into the Mixing Room, but are stumped as they figure out what to do, assuming the goal of the game is to reassemble the song in order. They reset the game and try to enter one of the other modes, but can only enter the Spice Network, which they are similarly baffled by. They re-enter the Mixing Room, where Jon attempts in vain to assemble the song. They then read the manual, which tells them the goal is to remix the song instead, and complete the segment.

They move on to Dance Practice, which they pass on the first try, and then Dance Record mode. The episode ends as Arin brings out his knife and stabs Jon.

Quotes Edit

  • "Are we... are we killing ourselves, Jon? Jon, I didn't know you were bringing cyanide to the party. Spike the punch, Jon! I think we'll all thank you in the end. What can be said about Death itself? We're staring at it right in the face... in the eyes, Jon." -Arin
  • "Did you ever wonder, like, when you were younger... what you were gonna be doing with your life in ten years? Did you ever think, when you were twelve, in ten years you'd be playing a fucking video game for people to see? For the WORLD to see? People got Spice! Girl! World! Game-ass-game, Posh Spice centaur-ass digglin' and danglin!" - Arin
  • "TOP FIVE GAMES, READY GO, MEGA MAN X, SPICE. The other two don't matter because Spice erases all games." - Arin


[A three-second loop of Who Do You Think You Are plays in the background]
Jon: This is maddening, oh my god...
Arin: I have a knife. I have a knife. Here it is. Here's my knife. I have it. Here it is. Would you like to see it?
Jon: Yeah.
Arin: Show it to me?
Jon: Okay.
Arin: I'll show it to you. It's sharp, it's sharp.
Jon: Arin, Arin, why are you holding that knife? Dude, seriously, that's not funny.
Arin: I'm gonna do-
Jon: That's not funny. It's-
Arin: It's sooo close...
Jon: Arin, Arin, like, that's getting close and I'm feeling shings!
Arin: I have fun, I fun, I have fun...
Jon: Ow, Arin, you, like, fuckin' tip-stabbed me!
Arin: Sorry, sorry.
Arin: Sorry...
Arin: It's fun! We're having fun, yeah? You're laughing?
Jon: ...Noo...
[Cut to black]


  • This is the second episode where a game's lack of quality leads to one of the Grumps "dying." The first was Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.


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