"Space Jam (episode)"
Space Jam
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Space Jam
Description Pump up the jam. It's a jam. Put down the jam. It's still a jam.
Release Date March 14, 2013
Length 13:44
Link Space Jam - Game Grumps VS
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Space Jam is an episode of Game Grumps VS and the only episode of Space Jam.


Jon is in control of the Tune Squad, and his team conists of Bugs Bunny, Taz, and Michael Jordan.

Arin is in control of the Monstars, and his team consists of Zilch, Bupkus, and Null.

The two play until halftime until they decide to give up. Since Arin was leading by one point at the time, they declare Arin the victor.

Discussions Edit

Jon and Arin are struck by how much more overpowered the Tune Squad is compared to the Monstars, with Michael Jordan and several other Tune Squad character having near-perfect stats, and most of the Monstars being terrible by comparison. They joke that Michael Jordan must have stipulated that he be the best character in the game and the other team has to be terrible.

Arin and Jon marvel at the lack of music during gameplay, contrasted to the iconic soundtrack of the movie itself, and ask Barry to edit in a brief music montage.