"So Damp"
Episode 13
Super Mario 64 Part 13
Series 'Game Grumps'
Game Super Mario 64
Description Don't forget to flush! THAT MEANS YOU, ARIN.
Release Date March 15th, 2015
Length 11:15
Link Super Mario 64: So Damp - PART 13 - Game Grumps
Episode Guide
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"Just The Coolest"
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"Don't Sass Me"

"So Damp" is the thirteenth episode of Super Mario 64 on Game Grumps.

Stars Collected Edit

  • Hazy Maze Cave: Elevate For 8 Red Coins
  • Dire, Dire Docks: Board Bowser's Sub

External links Edit

Subreddit Head So Damp at the Subreddit

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