"Snowboard Kids 2 (episode)"
Snowboard Kids 2
Series Game Grumps VS
Game Snowboard Kids 2
Description That music it peers into my soul and gives me a kiss XOXO.
Release Date September 21, 2012
Length 24:25
Link Snowboard Kids 2 - Game Grumps VS
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"Let's play "How much can Jon jizz over Snowboard Kids 2?" Answer: a lot."
— Jon, summarizing how much he's been talking about his love for the game.

Snowboard Kids 2 is an episode of Game Grumps VS and the only episode of Snowboard Kids 2.

Intro Edit

Jon: Welcome to Game Grumps Versus!
Arin: Hi.
Jon: I mean... Snowboard Kids 2.
Arin: No, it's Game Grumps Versus-slash-Snowboard Kids 2-hyphen-Jon-eats-Ego's-butt.

Gameplay Edit

Jon and Arin play the two-player battle mode, mentioning early on that they'd be doing best two out of three.

The first race is held on the Linda's castle track. Jon spends most of the race in first, with Arin trailing behind in last place. However, at the very last second, Jon gets hit by an ice item and is frozen just long enough to end up in third place.

For round two, Jon picks Jingle Town, saying it's his favourite course. Arin seems to take an early lead, but loses it just as quickly because of missing the lift at the end of the lap entirely. Jon, having ended up in first place, decides to "slowly drift to the goal", but gets overtaken by everyone else because of drifting into the side of the track.

The tiebreaker round is played in Crazy Jungle. Arin again takes the lead, but loses it quickly. The Grumps then spend some time overtaking each other in third and fourth place, until Arin falls very far behind and is unable to come back, whereas Jon manages to reach first place, resulting in a final victory for Jon.

Discussion Edit

A recurring theme in this episode is Jon simply talking about how he really loves this game. He compares some elements of it negatively to Snowboard Kids 1, but says the sequel is far better in general. Jon mentions how he likes Atlus, the company behind the game, but Arin criticizes their RPGs for being really boring.

Jon also notices the dog hanging from a balloon holding the 'ready' sign at the start of the race, and talks about how it reminds him of the meme depicting a dog with the caption "I have no idea what I'm doing", which he enjoys.

Quotes Edit

Jon (about the dinosaur skull-shaped ski lift): The dinosaurs hatched their plan... "Our plan to eat the children... has been successful".
Arin: SUCK-cessful.
Jon: Because we're suck-a-saurs.
-both laugh-
Arin: Suck-a-saurus Rex...
Jon: That was a joke, in some countries.

Trivia Edit

  • Ross O' Donovan is mentioned in this episode, as Jon compares an element of this game to Snowboard Kids 1, which he points out Ross owns.
  • Most games Jon mentions as being developed by Atlus are in fact only published by Atlus.