"Snow Means Snow"
Episode 2
Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter 2
Series Steam Train
Game Duke: Nuclear Winter
Description Snow maaaannn.....
Release Date December 27, 2013
Length 11:39
Link Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter: Snow Means Snow - PART 2 - Steam Train
Steam Train Guide
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"Saved by the Save"

"Snow Means Snow" is the second episodes of Duke: Nuclear Winter on the Steam Train spinoff Steam Sleigh.

Gameplay Edit

Ross attempts to beat the level again, failing to clear the snowman onslaught, and then dying again on the way there while spamming the Mighty Foot. Ross makes it a bit further outside, but fails again. On his fourth attempt Ross makes it outside and into a newsstand, but dies again. Ross then ducks straight through the courtyard and into the newsstand, where the episode ends.

Discussions Edit

Ross discovers the Mighty Foot attack, and imagines what Duke Nukem looks like hopping on one leg while kicking the air with the other. He also uses this attack to destroy several prostitutes.

Arin and Ross comment on how inappropriate the Christmas music is for a Duke Nukem game, and contemplate a metal remix of it instead.

Gallery Edit

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