SMASH! - Starbomb MUSIC VIDEO animated by Studio Yotta03:52

SMASH! - Starbomb MUSIC VIDEO animated by Studio Yotta

The official music video, animated by Studio Yotta

Smash! is the second track from Starbomb's second album, Player Select. It features Arin as the voice of the narrator, Fox, Pikachu, and Mario. Danny voices Luigi and sings the choruses. Emily Hughs appears uncredited as Samus. Markiplier makes his first Starbomb apperance as the announcer. The song is themed after Nintendo's crossover fighting game franchise, Super Smash Bros.

A music video for the song was uploaded to Egoraptor's channel on December 16th, 2014, the same day as Player Select's release.

Lyric Content Edit

A picnic is held for various Nintendo characters, at which Luigi expresses gratitude for his friends. Suddenly, a man comes out of nowhere claiming to be an announcer for a new game called "Super Smash Brothers." Luigi doesn't seem enthusiastic about the idea, which involves transporting everyone to a more violent world to beat each other senseless. What results is the deaths of many characters, and Luigi's clothes becoming so soaked in blood that Fox confuses him for Mario. After Samus accidentally blasts Luigi with her blaster, Luigi snaps and embraces the violence of his surroundings, to the point of being the most successful fighter on the field. In the end, he and Mario are the only fighters still standing. He tries to apologize for his actions to Mario, who hits him and tells him "Bite me!"

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first song from Player Select to receive an official music video.
  • Like in Luigi's Ballad, Danny voices Luigi and Arin voices Mario.
  • This is the third video worked on by Studio Yotta, and the second directed by Joel.
  • The lyrics specifically mentioning Nintendo characters is ironic, as Sonic (from Sega), Snake (from Konami), Pacman (from Namco), and Mega Man (from Capcom) are seen in the video, with Sonic even appearing at the picnic.
    • However, these have all been playable characters at some point in the Super Smash Bros. series
  • Characters that were cut between iterations of Super Smash Bros. make appearances in the video, such as the aforementioned Snake, Mewtwo, Pichu, Ice Climbers, Lucas, Roy, and Wolf.
  • Shulk was intinally seen in the background during the storyboard of the video, but the cameo was ultimately cut from the final version.
  • The move Luigi does during his final lines in the music video does not resemble any move Luigi has in the Super Smash Bros. series. It does, however, resemble the Kamehameha, seen in the Dragon Ball series.

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