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"Slicing and Dicing" is the second episode of Nintendo Land.


"Hey welcome ho-oh, ohh!! Okay" - Egoraptor.

Game progressEdit

The Game Grumps play The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest. They beat The Grasslands and The Lost Woods.


  • The description for this video came from Barry's AMA on the Game Grumps subreddit that was going on at the time the video was uploaded. He decided, for fun, that he would ask people for suggestions for the description of the next video. The description chosen was by redditor ThunderPunch6. Barry chose it due to it being "somewhat appropriate" for the episode.
  • At 9:35, Jon and Arin sing a bit of "Goodbye Love" from the musical Rent. They sing another bit in the next episode, I Miss That Chicken. They also sing this song in New York State of Lava and Paleoproterozoic Perils.

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