For the Pokémon FireRed episode this video is based off, see Sleepy Safari.
Sleepy Safari
Sleepy Safari


Game Grumps Animated


TopSpin the Fuzzy

Origin (Game)

Pokémon FireRed Version

Origin (Episode)

Sleepy Safari


Release date

June 18th, 2015




Game Grumps Animated - Sleepy Safari - by TopSpin the Fuzzy

Sleepy Safari is an official Game Grumps Animated by TopSpin the Fuzzy. It uses audio from the Pokémon FireRed episode of the same name.

The Animation Edit

Danny complains about how tired he is, but Arin is optimistic because "we have Pokémon to keep us awake." He then asks Danny if he would be okay with Danny touching his butt while sleeping, to which he says yes. He later takes this back, saying he might have a bit of a problem. Danny asks Arin to pull up his pants so he doesn't have to see his butt. Arin then starts the Safari quest, and later fails because he couldn't get all the prizes. He decides to play again, and yells at Danny over playing the safari again.

Trivia Edit

  • Ross makes a cameo in this animation as the Safari warden.

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