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Silly Voices
Silly Voices


Game Grumps Animated



Origin (Game)

Animal Crossing Wii

Origin (Episode)

Everybody Get Voices


Ego and Jon get to know their Animal Crossing townsfolk a little bit better....

Release date

September 23, 2012





Silly Voices is the fourth episode of Game Grumps Animated.

Transcript Edit

Pierce Edit

  • Jon: Holy shit! Dude is this one of our residents?
  • Arin: Yeah, Pierce.
  • Jon: Oh this guy's awesome.
  • Arin (as Pierce): Welcome to Athens, hawkeye. The name's Pierce. Good to meet you, rookie.
  • Jon: [imitating Pierce] Good to meet- It's dark out. So you might want to wait until morning. [normally] I... I can't do it.
  • Arin (as Pierce): To check out the town. You could roll an ankle.
  • Jon: [laughs] God, you have such a fucking good deep voice.
  • Arin: What a nice guy. He's so-
  • Jon: Yeah, he's nice.
  • Arin: He's got a pleasant house too.
  • Jon: Yeah, look at it.
  • Arin: It's like "hey can we come over?" and he's like "Absolutely."
  • Jon: [laughs] "Absolutely."
  • Arin: "I always keep my house in presentable order."
  • Jon: Just, "Why absolutely you can. What's the point of a good neighbor?"

Maelle Edit

  • Arin: Okay, what does she sound like?
  • Jon: [Quack] She sounds like:
  • Jon (as Maelle): [Cough/Quack] Hello. Hello.
  • Arin: Yeah, she's a fucking smoker.
  • Jon: She looks like it. She's got the eyeshadow.
  • Arin (as Maelle): Was there something you needed to ask me? I'll tell you anything except my beauty secrets. [Quack]
  • Jon: And she has like this uncontrollable quack.
  • Arin (as Maelle): [Quack] Oh I almost forgot-
  • Jon: No! It's like, it's like a cough. 
  • Jon (as Maelle): "Oh I almost forgot" [Quack!] Let me tell you 'bout some tools you should have.
  • Arin (as Maelle): [Quack!]
  • Jon: [Laughs]
  • Arin (as Maelle): First a shovel. I'm not fond of dirty work, but everyone's constantly digging. Also a net and a fishing rod. Finally a watering can.
  • Jon (as Maelle): Watering can.
  • Arin (as Maelle): I highly recommend you take up gardening... at least for my sake. I adore gardens. By the way, you can find all these tools at Tom Nook's shop. You really have to admire Tom Nook. He's got a sweet ass.

Characters Edit

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