"Wow, your 35% knowledge of the Japanese language is really coming in handy!"
— Danny

"Silent Hill: Play Novel"
Silent Hill Play Novel Episode
Series Game Grumps
Game Silent Hill: Play Novel
Description Scary things will boop!
Release Date November 1, 2014
Length 16:41
Link Silent Hill: Play Novel - Game Grumps
One-Off Guide
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"Silent Hill: Play Novel" is the first and only episode of Silent Hill: Play Novel on Game Grumps.

Gameplay Edit

Since the game is heavily text-based and entirely in Japanese, Arin and Danny make an effort to re-interpret the story based entirely on the visuals.

In their story, Harry Mason is a recording artist who's driving in the middle of the night with his dead daughter in the backseat while someone takes pictures of him. He shows a few pictures, including photos of him running over one of his backup dancers with a car, as well as some alternate album covers.

Harry is approached by Cybil, a policewoman who challenges him to a dance-off that lasts for an incredibly long time. After the dance-off, Cybil rewards Harry with a gun, and he soils himself. Harry meets some pterodactyls, and argues with Cybil about whether or not they actually are pterodactyls. Harry goes to the local school for some misadventures, but then Arin and Danny get sick of narrating and stop.

Discussions Edit

At one point Arin points to a kanji character that, according to him, looks like an alien going "Huaaaaaaa!" Arin asks Barry to point it out, but he has no idea what Arin meant, so instead he inserts a picture of an alien with Arin's face on it.

Danny mentions an old friend of his named Ian, who was the only one among his friends who used cocaine and would often have to do it by himself, and who coined the phrase "shooting poopies".


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