Seven asses
Seven Asses


Seven Asses.

Seven asses is one of the most popular memes started from Game Grumps.

History Edit

Seven asses was one of the first major Game Grumps memes, starting in the episode Seven Asses.

Jon later went on to say that he wanted it to become a meme that is overly abused, much like the "Arrow to the Knee" meme. It was meant to be a joke inside of a joke, as a meme to mock memes.

This meme was the first to receive an official Game Grumps shirt.

Script Edit

Arin: How much, how much, how much ass, do you think Mega Man gets?

Jon: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Arin: 7 Asses?

Jon: 7 Asses

Gallery Edit

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