Scribey (April 9th, 2014 - October 31st, 2016) was an orange, spiky subscribe bar that appeared at the end of Game Grumps episodes some time into production, and remained for more than two years. He was colored blue when he appeared in Steam Train episodes, and rose-colored in Grumpcade episodes.  With the help of Youtube annotations, he provided quick access to previous and following episodes, and gave users the opportunity to subscribe to the Game Grumps channel. Sometimes, the word "Subscribe" was misspelled, for example, "Slurburb" or "Srubrurbs". Scribey was usually followed by the animation of a TV turning off, followed by the Grumps mumbling or singing.

During its first episodes of appearance, Scribey was negatively received by fans, being critiziced as an element that kills the momentum of previous episodes with abrupt endings, but was later accepted by most lovelies.

Scribey was eventually retired on November 1st 2016, where the Grumps switched to using Youtube's own built-in end slates to provide links to other episodes. He will be missed.


  • His mother is apparently dying, as stated by Dan in Pits of Despair (the 3rd episode in the Super Mario Bros. playthough), but she can be saved if you click the subscribe button.
  • Fans believe that Scribey was added due to their contract with Polaris, however this has not yet been confirmed.
  • Unlike Brian, Scribey does not have a PhD.

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