"Saved by the Save"
Episode 3
Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter 3
Series Steam Train
Game Duke: Nuclear Winter
Description Remember to save and load every night before bed, kids.
Release Date December 28, 2013
Length 14:51
Link Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter: Saved by the Save - PART 3 - Steam Train
Steam Train Guide
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"Saved by the Save" is the third and so-far final episode of Duke: Nuclear Winter on the Steam Train spinoff Steam Sleigh.

Gameplay Edit

Ross explores his surroundings from the last episode, finding a rocket launcher and using it against the snowmen outside. However, he then gets taken out by the pig cop outside, and has to restart the level.

Skipping ahead, Ross attempts the same strategy again, but fails as he fumbles for pipe bombs. He then remembers that he has a save in store, and starts to make use of it in his repeated attempts.

After clearing out the courtyard, Ross looks around the level trying to find out where to go next. Ross finds a cracked wall and blows it up, only to find out it leads to the same bathroom he was already at, and kills himself out of frustration.

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