"Santa Claus in Trouble (episode)"
Santa Claus in Trouble Episode
Series Steam Train
Game Santa Claus in Trouble
Description Barry and Ross spoil Christmas!
Release Date December 21, 2014
Length 19:54
Link Santa Claus in Trouble - Steam Train
Steam Train One-Off Guide
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"Santa Claus in Trouble" is the first and only episode of Santa Claus in Trouble.

Gameplay Edit

Barry and Ross take turns playing the game, with Ross eventually reaching Level 3.

Discussions Edit

Ross mentions the Game Grumps World of Warcraft guild, which has a long-standing rule that anyone who joins the guild must tell a joke. He recalls a time when someone asked if they could tell a "non-PC" joke, and someone else replied that the guild was a Christian guild.

Ross talks about how his father didn't want to admit that Santa Claus isn't real, so he gave Ross a roundabout speech about the origins Santa when he was a kid. Ross however did not understand what he was trying to say, and only understood it a year later when his sister bluntly told him that Santa is not real. Barry on the other hand never had the same issue, and he argues about whether or not Christmas is still a religious holiday.

Barry also talks about the Tooth Fairy, and how he intuited that the Tooth Fairy isn't real by himself. Ross shares a similar story about how he tried to test the limits of Santa's abilities by wishing for Sonic the Hedgehog to come alive and be his friend, which he of course did not receive. He also reminisces about getting an Xbox for his birthday along with Enter the Matrix, and how the game was so bad that he barely played his Xbox at all. He then mentions a friend named Scott who worked on that game, and who apologized to Ross for ruining his birthday.

Editing Jokes Edit

This episode features numerous jokey spoiler warnings when Barry and Ross talk about Santa Claus, and another one when they talk about Sonic.

External linksEdit

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