SCP: Containment Breach
Stream Scare to Care
Console PC
Date May 25, 2014
Play time ~5 min. (ca. 7:30-7:35)
Live Stream Guide
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The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

SCP: Containment Breach is the second game played by the Grumps on the Scare to Care live charity stream. It was played by Jared from Hot Pepper Gaming accompanied by Barry and Aaron Umetani (director of Table Flip) while Arin, Suzy and HPG’s Erin sat behind them exchanging brownie recipes. The gang only played the game for 5 minutes while waiting for Vernon from HPG to install The Typing of the Dead: Overkill.


Vernon: "This one is about a Weeping Angel-type monster where…"
Ross: "I’m out!" (Ross leaves the stream.)
Vernon: "…Where if you blink, or don’t look at it, it comes to kill you."
Aaron: "Is he really scared of…"
Holly: "No, he’s just being a baby. I mean, then yes, he really is scared of them."

Jared: "[A character] walks like he’s got, like, poo in his pants."
Barry: "'Cause he’s already been in there, he knows what’s waiting."
Jared (as the character): "Sorry, I had an accident earlier... A scene you might call an 'SCP Containment Breach'."
Barry: "SCP stands for 'Secure Contained Poopy'."


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